Our timeline for launch...

ThingPilot has come from the IoT prototyping experts at Think Engineer. The team at Think Engineer found they were building very similar data platforms for our customers, repeatedly. This resulted in a library of tools, snippets and knowledge.

As that become more and more organised it became an internal tool called SCoTT (scalable cloud of timeseries things) which addressed scalability in the delivered prototype systems and the resulting customer businesses.

As Think Engineer begun to look at our own scalability we realised these internal tools were the basis of a great product.

We worked on further integration and polish, we designed hardware modules and started developing a UI for our cloud platform. ThingPilot started to emerge and has since become an extremely powerful tool.

Where we are now. When will it launch?

We're currently testing ThingPilot Cloud with real customer projects in the real world, which was an important step for us before launching to the general public. That's been going for a while now so here is our current plan...

EDIT: We have been slightly delayed, we're very sorry. We're just crossing some T's and dotting some I's with the Kickstarter Campaign and finalising the video.

3 May

Testing cloud platform with real world client projects (complete)

12 May

Entering our final final testing phase (complete)

23 May 

Making any final tweaks arising from testing (current)

Very Soon

Releasing video of the entire project, featuring the NodeCore hardware and dev kit, NodeFlow and ThingPilot Cloud.

We will draw the competition and announce our winner (join our mailing list below to enter). ThingPilot will launch on Kickstarter to release our first small batch and create a small userbase before our hard launch in a few weeks.

you all buy lots of ThingPilot kit on Kickstarter. It's really important to us that you support us as early in the Kickstarter as possible. Like everything on the internet, algorithms rule and lots of support on day one will make a huge difference to the future of ThingPilot.

30 days after Kickstarter launch

Our Kickstarter ends and we start manufacturing and delivery of hardware and provisioning ThingPilot Cloud accounts for our backers.

From here we prepare for a full public launch and start incremental improvements and introduce new features, new radio technologies and who knows what else.

Please help us get ThingPilot featured on Kickstarter by all supporting us at once, on launch day. That's the 1st of June 21!

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