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Mission Briefing


The Hardware

Prototyping your product should be simple, and your prototype should be truly low power, reliable, secure and easy to provision.

NodeCore Modules

You can choose from the latest wireless connectivity, including LPWAN, NB-IoT, Bluetooth and Wifi. Our NodeCore modules incorporate low power processors, long term data storage, secure elements and are foot-print compatible. You can change your product from NB-IoT to LPWAN without changing your design, just put in a different module!

NodeFlow Embedded Framework

Good hardware is great, but writing good embedded software is hard! We've got you covered, our NodeFlow framework runs on Mbed and manages how and when your device goes to sleep, reads your sensors and uploads your data.

Just add sensors and the code to read them, and you have a demonstrable prototype!

ThingPilot DevKit

You want to make use of your favorite Arduino shield and Grove modules. That's why our DevKit accepts both! Just plug it into your PC over USB, and drag and drop your programs on to program your NodeCore Modules!

Obviously the DevKit is low power too, so you can deploy these for long battery life tests and trials!

Provision and Test

Making a handful of prototypes is manageable, but dozens, hundreds or thousands can get tricky. How do you make sure every device is programmed, uniquely identifiable and trusted by your data platform?

We've harnessed the power of the Pi and developed a RaspberryPi HAT that makes this easy! Just drag and drop your compiled embedded software into the Web App and press your NodeCore module against the Pogo Pins! Your modules will be automagically programmed, provisioned with credentials and registered with the web platform! And just because we can, a self test on the module will then be run to validate the hardware is all working.

The Software - ThingPilot Cloud

Manage your whole IoT product development cycle through ThingPilot's Cloud platform. You just need to follow the wizard to define your products and how they should work, and out pops a config file to put in your NodeFlow program.

This platform helps you manage everything from creating and testing your initial prototype device, to generating new insights from your data, running meaningful product pilots, and managing your devices and users in production. We're helping you build a business, not just a product!

Track Assets - Store and Process Data - Generate Insights - Create Apps - Manage Users

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Preparing For Take Off

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We're nearing the end of development, the hardware has been tested, the software is working and we'll be launching on Kickstarter very soon.

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